My Placement 

It was never guaranteed but at the end of the six months with NJ More Field Guide College  and you had done well, you had the chance of being placed placed at one of the More Lodges and other lodges as well.

My plan was to guide for the second six months of my stay here in Africa but as I have always being interested in Conservation instead of going off on my breaks and exploring the rest of this beautiful country I spent it with the Marataba Park Management learning how to run the park.

The more time I spent with them the more I realised guiding wasn’t for me, this was the work I wanted to do. Without what this team does there is no park for people to come and enjoy.

We had one more break before we started doing the Back up Trails Guide part of the course and as usual I was going to spend the break with the management learning more and helping out.

 I had decided that I would ask the question that if I could prove by the end of the ten days that  I could be an asset to them would they consider taking me on at the end of the course for my placement.

On day two I broached the subject with Andre Uys, who runs the park and also happens to be one of the most respected wildlife vets in Africa, I hadn’t even finished my speech when he said he would love to have me here and I would be a great asset to them. But instead of waiting until the end of the course and starting next year I could start immediately. I thought about it for a full ten seconds and said yes.

So my course has come to an end earlier than I expected, it would have been good to do the Trails Guide course but this is the work I have always wanted to do.

I moved all my stuff out of camp over the next couple of days over to the River complex, where the management staff  live and now I sit here out the front of my house over looking the Matlabas River writing this blog. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

One thought on “My Placement 

  1. Congratulations Andrew you are remarkable finding your path and enabling your ability knowledge and learning and creating it is a real inspiration for me and such a wonderful benefit in the world – truely exciting and an opportunity some would only dream – you have put each step in place and within our world you will continue to make the world a better place! Thankyou!!!


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