I’m a Field Guide

I grew up in Australia as a child watching a TV series called Daktari. The TV show was all about a vet and his daughter and Clarence the one eyed lion and their day to day adventures in Africa.

It sparked something in me and later in my life my interest in Africa grew even more after reading Wilbur Smiths novels about Africa, everything from the landscape the people and the animals seemed so amazing.

I dreamed of coming to Africa and seeing this beautiful and mystically country for myself but I never thought one day I would be a qualified Field Guide.

Now I use the term “Field Guide” loosely because yes on paper I am a qualified Level 1 Field Guide with FGASA but in reality it will be years before I have the knowledge and experience I so grave before I can call myself a guide.

In the years to come and with the knowledge and experience I hope to gain what an honour and a privilege it would be to be able to take my family, my friends and guests on a drive and share my passion and knowledge with them.

Now that really would be an honour, but for now it’s back to learning.

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