A couple of years ago I shared a post on a Birding camp I went on in the  Hyland Nature Reserve, near the little village of Nymboida in Northern New South Wales. The camp was a great experience not only the birding but just being out in such a beautiful landscape was a privilege.

I made new friends at that camp but I also got to learn so much more about birds thanks to the passion of a great teacher,  Dr Greg Clancy. If someone had told me that in two years I would be in Africa doing the same thing I would have told them that they where crazy. But that is exactly where I am now.

Now you all know I’m not just on a birding camp but training as a Field Guide so I am learning not just about birds but also about tracking, botany, animals, geology, ecology and everything else to do with this beautiful landscape, so hopefully one day I can show people what this amazing country has to offer.

Like at my last camp having a good teacher is so important and we are blessed here by having two amazing teachers, Massimo Rebuzzi and Graham Cooke.

These two have an amazing passion that is hard to describe, someone put it into words for me yesterday, they don’t just live the bush they are the bush. Our group are so lucky to have them as instructors, and I for one count my self very lucky to be able to learn from the them.

I have put together a few of the photos I have taken so far so I hope you enjoy them. It’s 6:20am so it’s time to get ready for another day out in the field learning but before I go I just want to say thank you Greg for installing in me my passion for birds

White fronted bee eater

burchell's starling

Burchells Starling

Spotted thick knee

Magpie Shrike

Blue waxbill

Southern red-billed hornbill

Swainsons Spurfowl

Marico flycatcher

Little bee eater

Southern White crowned Shrike

Crested francolin

Three-banded Plover

Red- billed oxepecker

Burchells Starling

African Jacana

Blacksmith Lapwing

2 thoughts on “Birding…….

  1. Hi Andrew, wonderful bird photos. Pat is a bird person and knows a lot more about them than I do so is a big help. Your head must be swimming with all this new info but I am sure you will cope. Keep it up, Dad.


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