Every day I get to go out into my classroom, which is the African Savanna and I learn something new everyday be it a new bird or maybe a tree. Anybody who knows me knows I love my birds but I have to say learning how to read a track of an animal or a bird really is fascinating. 

Our two instructors Massimo and Graham are  like encyclopaedias of animal tracks, infact Massimo won this years tracking guide of the year so you can see what we have to live up too. Slowly but surely we are all learning how to tell the difference between the different species. 

This morning my group did a Game walk with Massimo instead of our normal Game drive, we where out for about 4 hours and while out we heard a Leopard in the distance so we attempted to track him . We found the tracks but no luck in finding him. That’s the way it is here, sometimes you are lucky and some days not.

Every day is different here with new discoveries and new understandings.

Black-backed Jackal


Tree Squirrel

Natal Spurfowl


4 thoughts on “Tracking

  1. There’s some big prints there, don’t think I’d like to be that close! I was tracking this morning…. kangaroos!!😉


    • Thanks Dad, and yes my head is swimming. It’s 5:20 am here and as usual I’m studying.
      How’s all the gang at Murray Gardens? Say hi to everybody for me.


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