A Typical Day

A typical day in the life of a Trainiee Field Guide is the duty team gets up at 5:30am and gets the coffee and rusks ready, for those of you who don’t know what a rusk is as I didn’t when I first got here, it is like stale cake and you dip it in your coffee. It keeps the hunger at bay until breakfast. 

The duty team then does the wake up call at 6am, much to some peoples displeasure then we all meet at 6:30 for coffee and rusks……… 

The duty team has other duties for the day which includes checking over the vehicles each morning, bringing out all the bits & pieces from the kitchen for our meals, hosting the game drives and hosting dinner at night. All these duties help us in getting ready to host real clients one day….hopefully!!!!!!!

At 7am we meet at the vehicles for our first game drive of the day, the drive normally lasts about three hours.  Now these drives are not just for us to go out and look at the animals, this is our classroom.

On every drive we are out there learning something new be it a new bird, animal tracks or a tree. We have to know by the end of our course 100 birds and their calls, 59 trees and their Latin names!!!!!!!! animal tracks, the different mammals and it goes on and on and on.

We get back from the drive by about 10 and have breakfast we then have free time until 12 when we have our lecture for the day. That free time by the way is spent studying like the rest of my spare time.

We normally have lunch at about 2 then we go out on another game drive at 3 until about 5:30. 

Dinner is at 7 then it’s either standing around the boma, which is the fire or its back to studying and then off to bed, which for me is about 8pm as I’m always up and studying in the kitchen by 5am

So that’s my day

Elephant Skull

2 thoughts on “A Typical Day

  1. I am surprised that the elephants appear to be so close to your accommodation – no problem there?How is the washing and ironing going? Dad.


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