The Journey Begins

As I sat at the Southern Cross Railway Station waiting for the train to take me back to Albury I thought to myself what the hell have I just done and what was I thinking as I had just handed back my company car, resigned from my job and in a week I will be getting on a plane to Africa.
Wind the clock back seven months and I had just received my share of the settlement from my very messy and sad divorce. I really did think that when I got my share of the money things would be ok and sadly I thought the money would make me happy but it didn’t.
A couple of days later I saw an article on Facebook about the poaching in Africa and the very next article was about Game Rangers in Africa and the work they do, so I made some inquires and the next thing I know I was signed up to do the course. This is something I had wanted to do as a child but instead I got into that world where money was more important.
It hasn’t been an easy decision to make and at times I thought I must have rocks in my head to go over there and leave my family, my partner, friends and a job to go to Africa and possibly get shot at trying to save an animal that sadly most people don’t care about but then I think that if everybody thought like that then one day these magnificent animals will be gone from this planet but if I could help stop that then what ever happens it will be worth it.
My journey up to now has been an interesting one to say the least. I have had some amazing and happy times and I have been lucky to have travelled the world but I have also had some really sad and lonely times too but that is what the journey of life is all about, experiences. It is how I now use those experiences now which I suppose will eventually define me.
I have been very lucky with the friends in my life they have been there through the good times and bad and I thank them for that.
My family…….. Where do I start other than saying that without the love and support from them over the last few years I wouldn’t be here today?
So this story and adventure is not just for me but for them and everybody else that has come and gone in my life
Back to sitting at the train station and as I look up and watch all the people scurry around like ants hurrying to and throw in their busy lives I know I have made the right decision

So let the adventure begin

3 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Travel safe dearest Andrew – thank you for the love, the support, the laughter and the wisdom you shared with us. We will miss you terribly but we also hope that you will have grand adventures.
    Much love always xx
    and one from Chalky as well x


  2. Andrew, yesterday was the first day of the next part of your life and I congratulate you on taking that mighty step. My love and best wishes go with you and we all look forward to hearing of your day to day adventures. Dad


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