My Friends Rosie and Barry

The best part of my journey I am undertaking is the new people who come into my life along the way.

As some of you know i had been staying up in the Hyland Nature Reserve in Northern NSW doing bird counts. While there I stayed at the Mount Hyland Retreat, which is owned by a beautiful woman called Rosemary.

After finishing up with the bird people I asked if I could stay on and help out around the property, which Rosie and her partner Barry kindly took me up on my offer. I spent my time there sitting on a tractor slashing fire breaks around the bottom part of the property. I haven’t been on a tractor for over 20 years and I had forgotten how much fun it was, I get into my own little zone and just think.

During my stay with them I was blessed by being able to spend meal times and just walking around talking to them. These two really are an amazing couple.

Rosie was a single mum with three children living in Sydney and decided she had to do better for them. So with very little money she brought the property and moved the family up there.

The property had been heavily logged, but Rosie had a dream of returning it back to its natural state and sharing it with other people and that’s exactly what she has done.

Rosie, like many other people, has had a pretty hard life, she may not have a lot of money, but with determination and love and help from others she has achieved amazing things with her land and her life. Rosie has gone through Floods, Droughts and Fires but still come out on top. Their was times she told me that with no money all she had was her veggie garden for food and laughing she told there was the occasional road kill!!!

Her veggie gardens now are amazing, and the whole time I spent there all our meals came from the gardens. Now I’m not a vegetarian but I have to say I have never enjoyed meals as much as those.

I  think Rosie believes that the land owns her as much as she owns it. I have never met anyone who is so in love with the land and so in-tuned with it the way she is.

Over the years I would hate to think how many people would have visited her land and where able to share the beauty of it and fall in love with it the way I did. Every person I met while staying with her talks of the love they feel for Rosie and her land and how such an inspirational a woman she is. I don’t know how many people Rosie has helped over the years, but I would like to think it would have to be in the hundreds but for me I will never forget my time spent there and my new understanding and love for the rainforest and myself, thanks to Rosie and Barry.

Barry, where do I start?

Barry came to Rosie’s place to do some plastering for her, and laughing she says she never let him leave. You can see the love and friendship this couple share by just looking at them and the passion they have for the rainforest.Barry is so passionate about the rainforest, I don’t think there is a tree or plant he doesn’t know. He doesn’t say a lot but when he does talk it is always with passion and wisdom on what he knows.

Over many years Barry has been collecting seeds and plants from his own property and Rosie’s and growing them in his nursery and then replanting them to reclaim the land, and what an amazing job he has done.

I went out on a plant collecting day with Barry and some of their young friends,who were staying with them at the time, out onto the bush tracks on the property and it was amazing to watch him teach and pass on his knowledge and love of the rainforest to them.

Barry is the most gentle man I have ever met and the time I got to spend with him and Rosie I will cherish the rest of my life.

To Rosie and Barry

If you read this I hope I have done you justice and thank you Rosie for putting me back on track. You are two of the most amazing and inspirational people I have met in my life. Thank you for letting me share my journey with you and you sharing yours with me and thank you also for your kindness and wisdom.


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