Onto The Beach I Go

I’ve always wanted to go driving on the beach in a 4 WD and now that I have one it was time to give it a go. After purchasing my permit (and yes you do need one of those) I headed straight to the beach. Now you just can’t drive anywhere you want, there are certain areas and rules you must follow. So after reading all the do’s and don’t s I was ready for my first adventure driving on a beach. I got about 50ft onto the sand when I came to a dead stop. I forgot about rule No 1 ” reduce the pressure in your tyres before you actually drive onto the sand” you guessed it I was bogged. After letting the tyre pressure down on each one and just a little bit of manoeuvring I was off and cruising up the beach.

I hadn’t gotten far when the thought came to me that I haven’t done this before, and maybe just maybe I should be doing this with someone who knows what their doing and in turn they could teach me what to do before I try this solo. The other problem was if I really got bogged I would be knackered as there wasn’t anybody else around at the time. So a U-turn I did and got myself and the beast the hell off that beach.

So until I find some nice person to show me the ropes there will be no more beach driving for this adventurer. 


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