A Wet Old Night

As you can see by the photo’s it was just a little bit on the wet side last night. That’s a understatement.  As for all the people out there asking was the canvas conditioned before I left ” Yes It Was”. I have had rain before and it didn’t leak, well not much anyway! I took to the high ground in the sleeping section and thankfully it wasnt leaking in there. That was until 2:30 this morning when it started to leak right on my head, at first I thought i was having a wet dream LOLbut no that wasn’t the case. There was nothing to do but move to the other side of the bed and put up with it. When I got up this morning I had a lake inside and outside, but thankfully not deep enough for the kayak. I was feeling just abit on the down side wondering why it had to rain while I was here, but you know what? it’s all part of the adventure, and besides the farmers up here need the rain more than I need the fine weather. 

So it’s onwards and upwards with the journey.

See it was rainning

See it was raining

This is where I'm staying

This is where I’m staying

Not good

Not good

My own private lake

My own private lake

2 thoughts on “A Wet Old Night

  1. That’s a lot of water. When we were in Tassie I had to get the picnic blanket with the rubber back to put over the bed to stop the water. Had to pull the camper apart to dry out. Hopefully you are heading for sunshine.

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