A new home for an old lady

I left Sydney late yesterday afternoon for South West Rocks NSW but only arrived this morning. I had planned to spend the week diving, but silly me forgot to check the weather. If I go by the weather forecast it’s going to be raining and stormy until next Wednesday, just my luck.
I’m staying at the Big 4 caravan park just outside of the town and it’s in a great little spot right next to the lagoon. Perfect for getting the kayak into the water.
When I arrived this morning I was informed that an old boat was getting delivered this morning as the new attraction for the pool area. Here I am thinking ” what’s the big deal ” well big was exactly what it was. First a crane truck arrived then the semi carrying it turned up. As you can see in the photos I thought my camp site was going to get squashed, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. The guy driving the truck did a great job at manoeuvring it around.

Every body was here from the local newspaper guy to channel Seven, the grey nomads in the park where there to watch and take photos with, wait for it not their cameras but their I Pads, what is it with them I see them every where now using them instead of proper cameras.
After all the hoohah the old lady was lifted off the truck and placed in her final resting place. Never to sail the seas again.

The old 50ft fishing trawler, which had been submerged a couple of times, was rescued from the shores of the Macquarie River at Port Macquarie NSW.

Tony Mayne, the CEO of the BIG 4 Sunshine South West Rocks caravan park is going to transform the old trawler into a replica tall ship. It will be the centre piece for a new themed water park. Tony says that he “hopes” to have the park completed for the upcoming Christmas holidays. She will be partially submerged “once again” in a lagoon style pool with a rock waterfall and two crows nests.

She should be a sight to see.

Bye for now.


Here she comes


Watch my camp site guys



Missed it by that much

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