A Rethink of My Crazy Idea

Well that’s exactly what it was. Well maybe not completely crazy but pretty close. I have decided not to go ahead with my idea, at the moment, as I think , and so do my family and some of my friends, that it could jeopardise my recovery. Also how real could it have been by just staying with them for a week. No matter how hard I would have tried to see how they felt by living and sleeping with the guys on the street, it never would have been real. At anytime if I felt it was to hard I could have just left, as I’m not homeless I have somewhere to live and I have support from my family and my friends.
So as of tomorrow I will be back on the road to continue my journey of recovery.
I have had a wonderful time in Sydney catching up with some old and new friends. I also got to spend Tuesday with my beautiful daughter, who is growing up just way to quickly, I just don’t know where the 27 years have gone. My daughter has a passion for horses, but her career path does not pay a lot at the moment, but she does not let that stop her, she has a goal and she does not and will not deviate from it.
I am just so proud of her.
Well as of tomorrow it’s back on the road again to more adventures and making new friends.

5 thoughts on “A Rethink of My Crazy Idea

  1. Glad to hear you are on your way again. Was scared for you with that “crazy idea”. You are really discovering yourself – keep going and take care. Love you.


    • Hi Sis
      I am still going to do it, but just not for awhile. I need to get my recovery well and truly going before I attempt it.
      I have just arrived in Taree for the night then head onto South West Rocks in the morning. I intend to stay there for about a week before I head off again.
      When did you get home ?
      Love for now


      • Hi. Got home late Monday afternoon. Trying to get used to the very cold mornings. You will enjoy South West Rocks. Did you happen to get in contact with Stephen Jansson? Take care.


      • No I didn’t, Dad was going to get me his number but I completely forgot to follow it up, so thanks for reminding me.
        Looks like it’s going to be just a bit wet this week here, blast it.
        Love Andrew


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