Happy Birthday to a Inspirational Women and Friend

On Monday night I had dinner then stayed the night with some long time friends. I haven’t seen my friends since last November so it was so nice to see them. They are a lovely couple who earlier this year had their second child, a beautiful little girl. They also have a four year old boy who is just so adorable and funny.
Earlier this year they found out that she had breast cancer, but they decided not to tell me because they thought I had enough problems of my own to deal with and also it’s not the type of thing you just want to share.
I thought that my life was shit, with the things I was going through, that was until Monday night. The bravery that my friend is showing is incredible. Not only does she have to go through the process of beating this terrible disease but she is also a mother to two beautiful little children and a wife to a great and caring husband.
I will never again complain about my problems as I have my health and with that I can and will get through my problems.
I take my hat off to my friend and all the other mothers and wives who are battling this disease and ones like it.
You are inspirational and to my friend your bravery has inspired me.
Thank you for your gift.

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