Whale Beach

IMG_1070 (3) IMG_1109 (3) IMG_1070 (3) IMG_1088 IMG_1093 (2) IMG_1094 (2) IMG_1095 (2) IMG_1096 (2) IMG_1097 IMG_1109 (2) IMG_1109 (3) IMG_1109 IMG_1111 (2) IMG_1112 (2) IMG_1116 (2) IMG_1119 (2) IMG_1123 (2) IMG_1129 (2)Yesterday started off really well I was up early to watch the sun come up over Whale Beach I then went and had some breakfast at a little place called Cafe Ibiza at Avalon, I actually ended up going back there for dinner as I liked it so much. What made it so good was the owners Tim and Carla who where extremely nice and helpful, I was having problems trying to get a city link pass for the toll roads and they helped me in obtaining one, so thanks guys.

I had to do a bit of shopping and once I got that out of the way it was off to tour the beaches in the area and takes some photos. I was sitting in a cafe at Palm Beach when I received a email that upset me and the first thing I wanted to do was drink. I walked in and out of the bar next to where I was having coffee 5 times before I jumped back into the beast and drove back to where I’m staying but I still couldn’t get rid of the urge to drink. I talked it over with a close friend and I decided I had better get to a meeting. I went to a meeting at Mona Vale which was just what I needed and after the meeting I stayed back and had a really good chat to a guy called Des who gave me some really good advise. So just for today I don’t need a drink.

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