Mum and Dad

Hi All,

Another day into the trip and as I mentioned yesterday Mum and Dad have driven down from Albury to spend time with, so I count myself very lucky to have them here and spend time with them. I love both my parents very much and I am very proud of them. Did you know that my Dad for his 80th birthday with my brother climbed Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. I don’t know if I could have done that he truly is an amazing man. My mum raised 5 children and then had to go through the grief of losing my older brother as a child, she also has a claim to fame of being in a movie with with with bugger I can’t think of his name now but she was in a movie it mightn’t have been a big part but she was still in it.
Now in saying all of this ( now mum if you read this please don’t get upset I love you dearly ) mum and technology just don’t get on, now I know where I get it from ( David Moline don’t you laugh at this ) trying to help mum with her iPad is to say the least frustrating and going for a drive in the car with mum well that’s another whole story. My mum likes to point out everything she sees and I mean everything , oh look at that flower and that flower oh and that house is for sale and that house and that house and on and on it goes, but in saying all that if I’m as half as good as she is at 84 I will be very happy. Love you mum and dad

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