Tuross Head 25/07/14 to 01/08/14

Hi all,

I’ve travelled up from Pambula to Tuross Head and I’m staying at the Tuross Lakeside Tourist Park and my camp site is about 30 MTS from the lake, cracker of a spot.

What have I been up to this week ?

Well for starters I have been out on the lake four times with the kayak, on Sunday I spent 5 hours out there with only 1 flat head and 1 bream to show for my efforts and really sore legs from all that peddling. But it still was a great day out there, the best thing being out there with nobody around is it lets me reflect on things I normally don’t have time for or the things I don’t want to reflect on.

Monday morning I picked up a young couple hitch hiking, Tony is from France and his girlfriend Suwon is from South Korea a really friendly and happy couple. The two of them are travelling around Australia for twelve months with no time frame ( that sounds like me ) we got talking and we decided that they would stay with me for a couple of days they would do there thing and I would do mine.

Monday night I went and had dinner with some of my extended family, Karyn and Neil which was just what I needed and the yummy chicken roast that Karyn cooked as well. So thanks for that guys.

Tuesday I took my two backpackers fishing, which neither had done before, which was a fun day out. Suwon caught her first fish which she was extremely  excited about,but poor Tony lucked out, but as you can see by the photos they definitely enjoyed the day out on the lake and our dinner that night.

Thursday I had to go back up to Bega to have one last thing done to the beast so she is already to go now so nothing can stop me from my travels, apart from my head.

The wind last night was a bit of a worry I wasn’t sure if I would be still be at my camp site this morning or I would wake up floating in the Tasman Sea, thankfully that wasn’t the case.

This morning Neil was kind enough to take me out in his boat to Burrewarra Point which is near Broulee, were as a child my family had a holiday house. The dive was fantastic, we dropped down to 20 mtrs and followed a couple of really cool gulleys which were covered in sea fans and the fish life was incredible also I’ve never seen so many fish on a dive in waters of that temperature.

Mum and Dad have come down to spend a couple of days with me which is going to be nice so right now I had better get off this computer and talk to them

Cheers for nowDSC_0142DSC_0125DSC_0210DSC_0305DSC_0047











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